Sunday, June 18, 2006

Im an idiot...well not really an idiot..but I had a few to drink last night and thought I published my blog yesterday but forgot.

I have family that races short track asphalt in Ohio. Yes, my extended family are hillbillies...but damnit you gotta love them. I sit there sometimes and just shake my head, but ya know they are great.

Last night dad calls my brother and says he wants to go to the mid season championships. I have an aunt, uncle and my other aunts boyfriend that races. I used to go to the races all the time, but I havent had time to go the last few years. So bro, dad and I went to the races.

We get there and immediatly my brother asks if I would like a beer. Now, if you know me...if I'm out and someone offers to buy me a beer...Im all over it. 7 beers later, I was feeling pretty damned good. My family moves down toi the front of the stands....big mistake when it is a close race. I start booing and taunting the officials to tear down the winner of the race, after all he did beat out my aunts boyfriend in the last lap, so he HAD to have cheated right? least in my drunken state of mine of course. Did they tear him down??? noooooooooooo...geesh who do they think they are. I think my drunk self knows better then them...Right?? (yeah right).

Well tomorrow is monday and I just dont want to go to work! I cant wait to get the gumption up to start searching again for a job...I reallly need a REAL job.

Well off to do something..hmmmm...destructive??? or is it constructive??? I guess we will find out when it happens :D


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