Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why is it that some people who make their money by tips get angry when they are not tipped real well when they have a bad attitude or bad service???

Do they not know they suck at it? Now..I can pass judgement, because I served at a restaurant...I know that my income depended on my service..and attitude. Of course there are those patrons who are going to suck at tipping regardless, but there are those, like me, who will tip on service. I do tip a minimum of 10%, but will tip 20%+ if I have excellent service. 10% is REALLY bad service, and I dont do that but very seldom.

I say all this to tell you this...To the waitress at the bar across the street. Get a new job or your going to starve to death bitch!

I call at 12:45 with my order...first time Ive ordered from this bar, so I dont know what to expect. She says...Ok..15 minutes. NOooooooooooooo problem. So I sit here and think..."well ya know, maybe it will get done sooner, and I can get it and leave. If not, I will just have to sit there a few minutes till it is done" So I gather up my purse, my debit card, keys, and off I go...No seatbelt cuz it is just across the street(ok...the seatbelt part is non important..but just had to put it in).

I walk in and the bartender asks me what I want...I tell her I have an order. She turns to the waitress and she sneers "It's only been 5 minutes". I looked at here and wanted to say "No bitch, it's been 10 minutes...Smiley". So I sit there and wait...and wait...and wait...People all around me drinking beer(dont these people freaking work?)...my mouth is watering...and Im straining to substain...I need my job. Finally, Ms. Personality walks over and gives me my order. I had her my debit card and coupon that I had mention on the phone when I talked to her...

What Im thinking in paranthesis

Bitch: "Uhhh...oh..you have this"
Me: "Yes..."(Did I stutter on the phone?)
Bitch: "Ok"
Me: "Thanks" (Have you been drinking?)

She walks away and goes to the register as I watch her...look at the coupon..look at the coupon, look at the screen....She pushes 15,034 buttons...Looks at the coupon...looks at the screen...It is quite obvious that Ms Personality can not figure out 20% of 10.00! I wanted to yell across they bar "Hey Bitch....8.00...I gotta get back to work damnit!" FINALLY she runs my credit card through..types in the numbers...and VOILA..a receipt. She walks over to me and hands me the receipt.

Now...Im trying to decide whether to tip Ms Attitude...but I cant think long enough because she STOOD there in front of me. I finally caved and wrote a dollar on the tip line. What the hell is wrong with me? I should have point .01 and then watched my account very closely.

Now..if I had known what I know now...I would have left NOTHING. She (yes it was HER fault) forgot my ranch for my bacon, cheese, ranch fries AND AND AND the blue cheese for my wings. Bitch!

So this incompent boob is waitressing at a bar...where she is suppose to make her living. I am betting she has a box under the bridge down the street.

Ok...Im done venting for now.


Blogger Moody said...

That totally cracked me up! I wouldn't have tipped anything, and not because I'm cheap, but because she didn't deserve it.

On a side note, I know a girl like this, who also waitresses at a bar during the daytime, and she definitely drinks her paycheck, and couldn't calculate 20% of $10.00. Maybe they're related.

6/20/2006 6:26 PM  
Blogger Snowelf said...

I CANNOT believe she forgot your food. That would be the last time I order food from her. Sheesh!

LOL Moody--maybe they ARE related!!

6/21/2006 5:52 PM  
Blogger A Single Mom's Life said...

Well...I got REAL self conscious with her standing there...I should have left her nothing.

The worse part of it...the food was only so so.

7/11/2006 11:05 PM  

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