Thursday, July 13, 2006 I apologize. I havent kept up on this blogging thing...I didnt really think anyone would read...but I got a couple comments...I feel so special.

Anyways, so I go out on a hot date with hmmm...let's call him....Cop. He is very cute, funny, personable...and seemed like an all around great guy. But something is telling me he is hiding a secret...You know...that secret of the "m" word....So as much as I liked hanging out with him...I think Im going to have to pass on him in the future. I also feel like Im just a piece of ass for him...We can not have that...though it was nice to release some "tension" for a night.

Then I get a call from ...let's call him...Banana Boy..LOL He seems like a real nice guy but I feel like we are just way too different. He has "class" and "culture" in his life...where I have very little. Id love to get this class and culture...because Ive always wanted to attend alot of tastings...etc. But I dont think he could possibly be attracted to me. He grew up in a rich family. His father is an attorney, and Im not sure of his mom.

He is very nice dressing from what I can tell. Some might ask if he maybe even gay I suppose...but he insists on wanting to get to know me. So I think we are going to go out for coffee on least as of right now we are. It should be interesting.

We shall see what happens. I should still be locked up in the convent...but I just can bring myself to do it. I hate being single...Im ok with it...but Id rather be with someone then alone with just me and sunrise.

Well the weekend is coming up...I will be writing tons ...I have alot of things running through my we will see. But for now....I should run.



Blogger Snowelf said...

Hey Chicka,

Yes people read your blog, silly. :)
I figured you were just busy!

Love you!!

7/14/2006 8:32 PM  

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