Monday, July 07, 2008

Moral Decisions.....

OK...I want to ask you a question....

If you had information that could save a child's life possibly(not your own child), would you risk your life to give up that information?

Answer that for me...please!  I am so torn right now.

As stated in many of my emails about domestic violence...I am in contact with the girl that my ex dated during the trial, divorce proceedings, and CPO hearing.  Let's call her...hmmmm....Michelle.

Last week Michelle emailed me...and let me know that my ex had in fact remarried and apparently had a child. Let's call his now third wife...Chris.  But Chris and the ex are now getting a divorce..and there were charges of domestic violence against him, and he was found guilty on one..awaiting trial for the second.(Good for her for pressing charges!!!). 

Well today, the weirdest thing happened(keep in mind that I just found out about Chris last week).  I received a letter from Chris. She needs my help.

Turns out Chris had to run with only the clothes on her back from the ex.  Unfortunately she had to leave her almost 1 year old behind.  (Because he wouldn't leave the baby alone with her...and I know him...he knew deep down inside she was leaving, and knew if that child was left alone with her..she'd take him.  She probably thought she could get the baby back easily, once she was free). Well this is not the case.  Now the ex...(still waiting trial for abuse mind you) will not give back the child.  And the fact that he has not been convicted not enough reason to give him back according to the courts.  This is all because he is doing to her..what he did to me.  He is telling everyone who will listen, that she is crazy. 

I called Chris and we talked for a little bit.  She doesn't sound crazy, but I don't know her.  She wants me to speak the Guardian Adlidem about the abuse I witnessed with my step kids, the fact that he tried to say I was crazy, and the abuse I endured...  First the step kids are with their mother they are safe.  I asked her if the GA could talk to them..she said yes that she probably will.  I told her that the only way I will talk to the GA is for information purposes only. I do not want my name brought into it...out of fear. Now I'm wondering if that is even a good idea.   I told Chris that I could probably tell the GA about things that I saw the ex do to the kids, and then she could ask the kids herself if this or that happened(you know..because kids forget after years)...I of course told Chris, that I would not be able to vouch for her...because I don't know her...but  I will tell them my story if I can anonymously.

My main thought is that little 1 year old...that child is going to be abused.  He did it with all of his other kids...he will do it to him too.  But yet..I sit here..and wonder what if he does find out I talked..what will he do to me?  <sigh>  What to do ...what to do...

What would you do???


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