Friday, June 27, 2008

What in the world am I going to do????

Alternate Title: RIP My Car

ALternate Title: I am SCREWED!

My car died! And it died HARD!

I went to get into it this morning to take Sunrise to daycare, and me to work. I got onto the street and it just didnt want to go very fast. I thought.." HAS to make it..I need this just keep pressing the gas and it will wake up!"(imagine a scene where a child with a dying love..."Wake up!! You have to wake up!!!" with tears streaming down the face and eye going immediatly to bloodshot. This was me this morning!

I got down to the end of the road and decided that there was no use. And I said outloud..."Im screwed". I turned it around and limped drove it back home. When I pulled into the driveway...a puff of smoke blew out the side. It smelled like serious oil burning. After giving it it's last rites, I found that luckily my dad was home(thank god he works late on Fridays) and he took me and Sunrise to our destination.

I depend on my car so much. I need it to go to work, to go to school, to get Sunrise to daycare so I can do these things. If I was able to take the bus, I would...but the nearest stop is a mile down the road, on a 2 lane VERY busy road(45 MPH..listed..but most go 55) and it has no sidewalks. There is no way Sunrise will wait for a bus out there.

So here I sit at work..trying, for the life of me, to figure out how in the world I am going to get another car! Thankfully it is the weekend and I dont HAVE to go anywhere...but I am screwed.

I keep hoping that I will get home today to find my car sitting there with a smile on it's pretend face...and I will sit in will start up and be as good as it was...but instead I know what will happen. I will get home, get in it...start it, smoke will come billowing out the engine...and I will for screwed!

Anyone have a car that I can buy for around $350??? LOL That is going to hold up for me?? I didnt think so.

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