Saturday, July 15, 2006

Im so tired...I dont know why...I just am.

I think this single mom stuff is getting to me. I hate being tied up in the house all the time. I hate the fact that I have an attachment to my hip if I leave the house. I love sunrise to death...and cant see being without her...but I just need a freaking break!

I guess if I lived on my own...and not at my parents I could have a babysitter come over. But I live with family..and I dont think they would appreciate me bringing someone over to watch her. Mom is working ALOT of she is tired. Dad..well...he likes to spend time with her..but just doesnt like to babysit. So here I sit..stuck in the house.

I want to get out...I want to breathe...I want to go have a drink...UGHHHH I want I want I want.

Anyways...Im just in a down mood...dont mind me.


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