Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas...

Tonight/Last night(after all it is 2:49 AM, and Santa just left) my sister and two nephews came over to open presents. 

My brother, sister and I all decided not to buy Christmas presents for each other this year, it was just about the kids. brother renigged on that deal, and bought me some wonderful smelling Victoria Secrets body wash and lotion.  I almost hate to use it because I don't go out much, and I know that stuff can be expensive.

My mom, bless her heart, is so creative.  She gave each of a us box...when we opened it, there was a small present, a wrapped present that was marked "Place under the tree for tomorrow", and a little rhyme to send us to another location.  At the next location, she had another wrapped gift, with the present and another for under the tree.  This went on for about 6 presents. The last one was marked for us to stand to get our last present we had to sing a silly song, or rhyme. We all acted annoyed...but at least I thought it was very cute...I'm sure my brother and sister felt the same.

But you know what really was cute.  Was the first thing Sunrise opened was a gift from her aunt. It was a coloring book.  After opening it, she jumped up, got her markers and started coloring.  We had to talk her into coming in and opening the rest of the presents from aunt and uncle. Ohhh how I wish the days of easy Christmas gifts stayed(and cheap), but I know it wont be but a few years when it will be more expensive gifts she wants. Sigh.

It has been a rough week.  It all started Sunday night with Sunrise all of a sudden getting cranky, and tired.  I took her into the shower with me, and she just wanted to be held.  It took me a good while to convince her to get her pjs on and go lay down.  She ended up having a fever.  We had to force ibuprofen in her, in order to get it to drop. It eventually did.  She woke up the next day like normal...went to school. And that night it was on again, same thing but add the vomitting.  She woke up again on Tuesday...just fine...went to day care, and came home.  Followed by another night of fever and vomitting, though it would turn out Christmas eve, it continued through the day. It wasnt until about 6:30 when cousin Trent and Jayden along with Aunt Jennie arrived did the vomitting stopped and we were able to open presents without problem.  She also woke up Christmas morning and was fine.  Hopefully it is over.

I got some money for Christmas which I am EXTREMELY grateful for...but the most important thing I got....was a passing grade!  I am now going into my next semester as a nursing student. 

It was terrible that I walked into that exam with an 88, and wasn't sure that I would pass still, because our exam was worth 50%. I hate the fact that one test could make or break you.  Even taking the NCLEX you can retake it.  But all is well...I passed.

But I wanted to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.   As for me and my family, we are relaxing while Sunrise runs around and takes photos with her new Crayola Digital Camera.(Lots of pictures of the ceiling! LOL)



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