Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Some People.... 2 things happened this week that involved the police that made me think, "What the hell were these morons thinking???"

First, this past week...I heard on the news that some guy was robbed of $110, and his car. He was beaten up in the process.  How horrible right???  Well...when asked why he was where he was when this happened...he told the police that he was there to buy pot.  Ummmm hello?????  Is it me, or is this guy stupid.  I am not crazy about drugs, I do not do them, but really...if you are going to call the cops about someth

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ing like could at least lie about what you are there for. LOL

Second...last night the police arrested a 19 year old for breaking into cars and stealing things like GPS's, radios, and other stuff...How they caught him???  They followed his foot prints in the snow.  WHAT THE HELL??? DUH

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