Friday, December 05, 2008

I need your help...

Ok, as you can tell by my previous posts...obviously I had sleep issues that even Vicodin didn't help(even though it was for a different reason).

I have been up 24 hours now officially...Last night my mind was going over school work, running through things I need to memorize, etc...etc...  I tried everything to get my mind to stop running, but could not do it! This has been going on for awhile. Most nights I can get to sleep...but some nights, I can not get my mind to stop.  I have tried everything! Cutting out caffeine after a certain time, baths, reading, EVERYTHING..nothing is working. I am EXHAUSTED...but I could not fall asleep. And now I have to go to school in a little bit, so I wont be able to even to try to sleep until after 5.

I decided last night, that I am HAVE to look for some medical intervention now.  So I am reaching out to any of you that can help. Have you tried valium? anything?  What could I talk to my doctor about that you have tried that helps you relax when you need to. 

I do not want sleeping pills because when I tried them years ago, they made me sleep too hard...I want to be able to be waken if I need to with Sunrise.  I know I could sleep if I could JUST fall asleep. I just need something to relax.

So..any suggestions???

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