Friday, July 21, 2006 I go out to dinner with some "friends" I use that term loosely. Basically they are people I know online.

Well the friends brought the devil boy himself...UGHHHH...

Quit telling your child you are going to punish him and do it! This kid was crawling on the table, under the table, playing with the automatic papertowel dispenser in the servers area...hitting one of the guys with us. All I kept hearing was "Devilboy stop, stop stop stop stop stop" UGHHHHH...I hope to God that Sunrise doesnt turn out like this!

Now Im watching Friends....WHAT THE HELL??? Ive only seen every freaking episode three times. BTW...Ross...YOU WERE ON A BREAK.

Well..why we are on the subject of tv....Why is it that none of my favorite shows are on 24/7. I wanna see the beginning of Grey's Anatomy and House.


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