Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An About Face

Well...you all read that I was looking forward to starting and getting my business ready, whatever it may be. Well things have changed...yet again

This all started actually when I was preggo with Sunrise. I was in and out of the hospital for the last month and half due to blood pressure issues and a few other things. I had this wonderful nurse named Sharon in Perinatal. I got her the second admission when I was admitted for my blood pressure sky high. I also had a HORRBILE headache and I begged for something for it. She gave me percocet...within about 2 minutes of taking it, it all came back up. She told me that she was not able to give me anything else unless I wanted her to go sift through to make sure I did not injest it...How nice was that? I dont know the last time someone offered to do something like that for me. On each of my admissions after if she was working that week, she would ask for my case since she was used to me. The last time I saw her, she gave me a teddy bear for Sunrise for when she was born. When I had Sunrise, I got ahold of her so she could see Sunrise...She came over to the maternity ward and saw her. We exchanged photos and thank you cards I will always think fondley of Sharon, RN.

My boss and I were talking the other day and it looks like we may have issues at work that jeapordizes our jobs. We are concerned our location may close after the first of the year. The other day I got to talking to one of the girls at work and decided that I need to do something fast. I cant wait for my business to pick up enough to support me and Sunrise, so......I decided to go back to school for nursing.

Im so excited. Though it is kind of odd since only about 3 years ago I would have said "Ewww no I couldnt be a nurse" but things started getting to me and I realized that I CAN be a nurse.

So my dear readers...On Dec 28 I have an appointment to take my nursing entrance exam and look into starting school. Though I dont think I will be able to start until May! Wish me luck.

Well..I have been having breathing issues so I need to get to my nyquil and bed.



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