Friday, November 09, 2007

Things I LOVE about being a MOM...

  1. This face...

2. The unconditional kisses, and the kisses that come when you are just standing there and the little walks up to you and kisses your thigh for no reason.

3. Watching her just laugh! OMG my daughters laugh is so contagious. She has the loudest funniest laugh. She truly is the laugh baby.

4. Watching her try to make faces back at you that you make at her.

5. Playing "My blankie" with her...she loves to do is hillarious.

6. Watching her run and try to beat you to the seat she thinks you are going to sit in.

7. Her running up to you and screaming when she sees you come in her daycare room to pick her up.

8. Watching her run in from the other room when she hears the theme from "Blue's Clues", "Melmo"(better known as Elmo)or "Eebee".

9. Laying there watching tv.

10. The proud look in her face when she uses the right sign language sign for the first time.

11. Listening to her try to count.

12. Hearing her say "Maaaamaaaa" Though this could be quite annoying after the 30th time in 1 minute.

13. Singing songs and doing the hand gestures while driving in the car together.

14. Knowing that no matter how much you piss her off......she will love you.(of course..this could change in the teenage years) LOL

15. The way she turns to check on you as she runs ahead. If you are going to slow, how she grabs your hand to help you go

I could go on and on...and probably would, but I must finish getting things done.

Thanks for reading.


Blogger oh amanda said...

Beautiful list! She'll need to read it when she IS in those teenage years. :)

12/06/2007 11:28 PM  

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