Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ER, Dentists and all the fun stuff

Last week Sunrise decided to throw a fit at daycare. She throws big ones too. I am not one of those moms that cater to her fits, I let her throw them and ignore her until she is done. Often I have to leave the room, however, often she will follow me around the house and continue her fit. Her fits consist of throwing her head and body anywhere it will land...quit breathing and then scream, fun for me. So I have to ward them off and move her to the center of the room...that would make sense right? Well apparently daycare doesnt realize this.

She apparently didnt like having her diaper changed..but they changed it. While she cried and screamed the whole time. Instead of moving her to the center of the room to let her finish throwing her fit, they put her down by the art table...she threw her body down and hit her tooth on the edge of the table. She hit her tooth so hard that it pushed it up and back in her mouth, not to mention to chip it.

I took her to ER and waited 1-1/2 to see anyone. This kills me. I understand that the more severe patients go first, but they really need to do something for kids so that you can keep control of them. There is an automatic door that goes back to the triage area and then further back is the actual ER rooms. Sunrise discovered the automatic doors and how they worked. I was chasing her around in and out through the doors. I am sure that other parents were looking at us thinking "Yeah right..she should really be here" so I told everyone and anyone that she had this tooth stuck up in her gums and when she threw another fit..and hit my shoulder with her mouth...the blood came! I felt bad for her...but I felt like others werent looking at me strange anymore(is that bad??LOL). After seeing 3 doctors, one which had stated that this was the worse tooth trauma he had ever seen...they got me an appointment with the pediatric dentist for a few hours later. A dentist who doesnt take my insurance!! I made some calls..turns out there are no pediatric dentists in 50 miles of our house that takes our insurance...UGH. But I HAD to do it..Thank God for credit cards...It is for an emergency..and this was an emergency.

So we get to the dentist..Who I shall call Doctor McHottie! Yum! He was great with her! I loved this dentist. He stated that he said it was possible that the tooth would fall, but as bad as it was..he wouldnt bet on it. He said that it would probably have to get pulled eventually. Good news is that it looks to my untrained eye that it is falling on it's own! YAY!! Hopefully it is really falling right. The chip is below the nerves so there is nothing they are going to do for that. The other good news is that Dr. McHottie does not think that it will affect her adult teeth.

Here is the photos of it. First her swollen lip, then a very blurry photo of her mouth.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Believe looks better than it was.

Enough of the is photos of her first haircut done the day before the "accident". is hard to see her bangs because they were brushed back...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And the after. She didnt want her picture taken, so she closed her eyes...because we cant see her if she cant see us...Right?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ohhh the fun times

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(I'm fin-ally getting to your blog. Ugh. I'm so behind on all things internet related...)

Anyway---POOR THING!

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