Friday, November 09, 2007

Wow...Gotta Catch up...

Well Im back from the dead. I also needed a little break. I have been going through some stuff lately that needed to be dealt with in my head. Im working on it..with the help of a friend's recent support(Thanks Amanda!). Now the rest of dealing with it is on me.

Second...If anyone has any good blogs to read for a single mom... or just a mother...let me know. (I already raided your bloglines Amanda..LOL). I love reading stuff..and I guess I shouldnt just say single can be on anything...Just please PLEASE dont bog me down with anything political. To me, reading politic blogs is boring(Im not saying they are boring...just that they are to me). Oh yeah, anyone have a clue how to search blogs?? Im tired of trying to do a search. The only way I can think is to search on google. Then again, hmmmm maybe bloglines has a search.

I will post today or tomorrow the top reasons I love being a mom...Then Im going to post the top reasons I love being a SINGLE mom. Still debating on whether I wanna post why I dont like being a single mom, I dont wanna bring myself down. Hmmmm maybe I will but do that first then pick myself up with the other 2 blogs.

Mechanic has gotten emergency custody of his daughter. Thank God...that child needed to get out of her mom's house. They had an interview with CPS yesterday, and let's just say it looks real good that she will be staying where she is. I dont want to get into this much here...after all is said and done, I will fill you in. (Though I dont think many read my blog, just 1).

Ok...I just wanted to stop in for a sec....I'll be back in a bit to work on my top reasons of something.



Blogger oh amanda said...

Aw, thanks--I mean, you're welcome!

I just click thru to everyone's blogs thru other blogs...or by reading comments and clicking them...

12/06/2007 11:31 PM  

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