Friday, December 14, 2007

Medical Tests UGH

Yesterday I went for an upper endoscopy. What this is is simply put that they put a tube down your throat and look at your digestive track from the esophagus to your stomach. It wasn't that bad of a procedure I must say. I went in, they put an IV in me..took me to the room, pumped me full of the dream drug..and next thing I knew I was back in my room being woke up.

Turns out that I have a hiatal hernia and very red and raw throat. They also did a biopsy on my stomach lining. I am not sure why they did the biopsy because I was asleep when they told my mom, and of course she didn't ask. I wonder if there was something strange in there or if the hernia with the red raw throat could make them want to check just in case. We will see when either the biopsy comes back or my next appointment on 1/11.

I did talk to the RNs there at the center and they all had encouraging words about nursing so that helps me out a lot. They said that it is a great profession they feel. Also, my only apprehension about doing RVs will go away with time and practice(I need a practice The only reason I have this apprehension is because I'm a hard stick. I always come out with black and blue marks up and down both arms. I am waiting for the day that I get pulled over by a cop and he asks what I have been shooting up. LOL Or worse, going into a store and getting the stares by the passerbys wondering why this poor woman has stayed in such an abusive relationship.

On another note. I called it quits with Mechanic. I cant handle his moodiness. He is going through alot but I cant handle not hearing from him for days on end because he just doesnt feel up to talking. I need to know Im thought about, I need to know he cares. I called and texted him several times to check on him...sometimes he'd answer...sometimes not. I told him the last time I communicated with him to get back to me when he is ready...I cant go on this way. I feel relieved but sad. He also has my pack and play! UGH! I need to get that back.

Well I better get some work done..shhhhhhh dont tell the boss.


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