Monday, April 21, 2008

13 Days And Counting..UGHHHH

I figured out that I have 13 days left to do what I gots to do to get ready for school. I am working on a list...and I'm trying to figure out when in the world I am going to get this stuff done!!!

Anyways..I could use encouragement. LOL. I am going to start a few things in the next week or so on my blog. Menu Mondays, Tackle It Tuesdays, I might do Wordless Wednesdays..but I dont know, Ummm and I think that is it for the week. I could use the Menu mondays and tackle it tuesdays to help get me organized.

Before then..I have to do the following things.

UGHHH how can I get it all done!

  1. Clean out my closet

  2. Get some recipes together for menu Mondays

  3. Create a budget

  4. Get things taken care of with the state for daycare

  5. Clean out the car in a big way

  6. Clean out under the beds and get rid of all the outgrown shoes Sunrise has

  7. Order Scrubs

  8. Go through my school supply stuff and see if I have everything I need.

  9. Go through our clothes and get rid of stuff I dont want, or dont fit her.

  10. Get her summer clothes out of storage, though they wont fit probably, but they might once we start potty training

  11. Read Potty training for dummies(you laugh...but it is real and I have it..LOL)

  12. Finish reading Single Mom Seeking by Rachel Sarah(I have such a hard time sometimes stopping and relaxing with a book...but it is wonderful so far!)

  13. Read Nurse

  14. Read Mom's There is a guy in the kitchen and he is wearing your bathrobe

I know there is a ton more...How in the world do I get this all done?



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