Thursday, April 10, 2008

I swore I'd NEVER ....

I'd watch Big Brother. I thought it was stupid and moronic and and and get the picture.

So...right now I am blogging while watching the 24/7 access online. LOL WTH is wrong with me???

Ohhhh I so want to talk about all of it, but I know that maybe one of you readers are as addicted as me..and don't want the spoiler about who won HOH...and who is nominated for eviction..and all that good I will keep my mouth shut about that...but I do wanna say a few things that came to light by watching this 24 hour feed...(that has nothing to do with the competition.

-Apparently, they don't have ant traps in the big brother house. They have a bad ant problem in the kitchen.
-The Big Brother really watches everything! Something you won't that they blacked out the outside. The house guests heard noise Sharon goes to the door to try and listen to what was going on...and a voice comes over the loud speaker and says "Sharon.....Stop It". She runs away from the door and says "I didnt do anything" LOL Too funny.
-Ryan says the F word...WAYYYYYYYYY too much
-Ryan also slurps when he drinks his pop.
-They hide food for in case they get slop after a food comp.
-When you watch the feed...they dont show what they will show on TV. :(
-EVERYONE talks crap.
-HOH gets a lot more in their room than just a letter and photos. They get all kinds of food they like(which I think they keep some after they leave the room too), they get a bath tub to take a bubble bath, radios, all kinds of good stuff.
-The female houseguests put make up on ALL freaking day long.
-When they get dressed..they get dressed in front of the camera and the world.
-Apparently many things they can not do without approval. For instance, Natalie wants to color her hair.
-Adam can't keep his finger out of his nose.
-There is NOTHING to do in that place...I would go INSANE!

So that is what I am seeing..if I see something that is a trip..then I will let you all know, if anyone asks for the crazy stuff update.

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