Friday, April 11, 2008

Boy...did I dodge a bullet...

First I want to say to the ladies that did(or almost) do this(though I don't think either of them read my blog)...they were very much more "qualified"(for lack of a better term) then I am. I will explain what I mean at the end of this post.

I got a comment yesterday on one of my enteries from a lady at the Morning Show With Mike & Juliet interested in talking to me about coming out to NYC today to do the show about Single Mom's and dating. (By the way...I did edit her comment to get rid of her phone number on the comment...ya know, so she didn't have a ton of morons calling her(not that any of my readers or morons...ummm ya know what I mean)).

I called her at first thinking "Yeah right...who REALLY is trying to get me to call". But I decided finally...oh what the hell, I'm calling her. Turns out that it was for real. Well while I was talking to her, there was a question about problems with the airlines, etc...and wanted to figure this out before they decide for sure if they can try to get me on a plane. So she told me, to get my ducks in a row(my words..of course)..and she would call me back in a few hours, and let me know if they want me to come out. I get off the phone with her and suddenly it hits me...I was soooo torn on it. Do I do it? Should I do it? I had questions within myself..whether it was safe for me to do this(because of my ex husband), whether I really should just tell my boss to get over it I was going to go(she had the day would have been workable but she wasn't happy when I called her), and the obvious..going on the television in front of most of the country and God! UGHHHH Dunno if I can do that...

Well she called me back and said that they were all set and had everyone they needed. I figured that they must have found someone in the New York City area to do it. Though I was disappointed...I was relieved.

Well tonight I got home, and Rachel Sarah had turned down the offer and Morgan from I Heart Single Parents was going to go and do this. However, she got delayed at the airport and did not make it there for the show.

After reading Rachel's post...I went over and checked out I Heart Single Parents and looked up Morgan...Because..well I was curious. Wow...she is beautiful. Her son is a doll. And she appears to have her stuff together more than I will ever have for a long time. She has the personality, the looks, and the making of someone that would be a great expert on single mom dating.

Well..I went to my bedroom where I recorded the show on my DVR (Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVEEEEEEEEE LOVEEEEEE my DVR???). I watched the segment with a lady (sorry I don't remember her name)from NYC. She was more put together then I am, she seemed to have a good stage presence(another for lack of a better term).

So now I am feeling even MORE relieved that I didn't get to be on the show. I feel that these two women were MUCH more better representation of the single mom then I am.(But will be...once I get my stuff together after school). I think that after I would have came off the show, I would have been very disappointed in myself. And I am thankful that I dodged this bullet and stayed home and dealt with a very cranky but awesome little girl.

So you two ladies...and the other host of women who represent the single mom/parent, whether it be on television, radio, blogging, or writing books....I lift my hat and say "Keep on representing us single parents. And maybe some day I will be able to represent the single parent community as well as you all have".

By the way...For those that have known me for awhile... I am not being down on myself, or hard on myself ;) I just know that there are better representatives in this world as a single parent then I am able to be at this time, especially since it was about dating. I want to date, but time constraints just make it too impossible, and outside of going out on a few dates since becoming a single mom, I just don't think I am able to do the whole dating thing with the lack of time I have.

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