Thursday, April 10, 2008

Enrolled...and ready to roll

Today I finally got everything done I needed to to get enrolled in school. Financial aid...check. Filling out 3 applications...check. Paying $100 for enrollment fees...check. Signed 3,000 pieces of paper...check. Received schedule...check.

Now the real tough decision has to come. I am getting some extra left over after financial aid pays the school. Though I am not sure it will be enough to live each semester, but it is something. Then again, I think it is possible, just wont be able to do anything...and I will have to give up the frozen coffees :( Now the next thing is to tell my boss tomorrow. I need to give her the decision of cutting my hours from 30 to 16ish. I dont know how she is going to go for this. It could go either way. Either she says...Ok, or "I really need someone here for 30 hours". That is for the first 2 months...The next 2 months, it might even be less. I am ok with whatever decision she makes. I kinda would like to not work at all...but, I could use a little extra cash too.(and it will REALLY be a little bit of cash...because it turns out non profits don't pay very well...who'da thunk it?). After the third semester, I believe I will be able to apply as a student nurse technician(it is after the first rotation of clinicals). When Sunrise was in the hospital the nurse told me that it pays decent..and they work with your school schedule. This would be awesome! So then life will become a little easier then(though not as easy as when I get out of school). It will also give me some experience, and a foot in the door at the hospital.

The grant fell through that I was trying for. Apparently they ran out of funds. They get the funds in July, but (and here is the kicker) if I am already enrolled...then I no longer qualified...WTH? So...starting this weekend...Im going to apply for a bunch of scholarships if I can find some. Every little bit will help!

So we will see tomorrow how she takes it, and whether I am going to be making no money for awhile.

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