Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some people can't handle the truth...

WARNING: Bad language ahead!

I wrote this post about the moron who forced a 2 year old to smoke pot. Yes, if you are new...this actually happened. Well, the other day, I received a comment on that post, and I would like to respond to him/her that sent it.

This is a direct copy and paste:

"your still a bitch its people like you that runs your mouth that make me sick"

Hmmm...well first I would like to say that...I know that you are not the asshole that did this, unless you are the girl in the video, which is possible because I dont know if she has been tried. Hm Maybe you are Melvin Blevins...don't they allow internet access??? Ok so if you aren't Melvin the asshole, or the idiot of a female that did this, then you are family...which, the family is just as big of dick heads as Melvin is, ok..I'll give it to you, you could even be friends. Hmm How do I know this??? Well for one..I KNOW you are in the Columbus area...probably closer to Centerville.

Second I'd like to address that I am a bitch. Well...right now, I am sure Mr asshole Blevins is someone's bitchboy, so who is the bitch? And I hope like hell it hurts! He should rot in hell!

Third...STILL??? Hmmm never knew you thought I was a bitch before! Hell...I never knew you knew me before...So call me a bitch...I'm just devistated that you feel this way about me! I don't know if I can sleep tonight, or work, or go to school, so I can have a job that relies on actual LEGAL means...instead of being so freaking brain dead that I have to depend on doing legal activies because I don't have a brain cell left in my in my head.

I make you sick??? GOOD! I hope you vomit and then choke on that vomit!

And finally...since you obviously have NO sense correct English, let me correct your comment for you. It should read:

You're still a bitch. It's people like you who runs their mouth that makes me sick.

Ok...I've vented...and made my point. I hope you come back with something better, because I was thoroughly amused that I actually caught your attention! I feel popular now!

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