Friday, July 25, 2008

The Predator thinks he is fooling his prey

So this guy introduced himself to me on a website that I frequent. I am not going to say what site, because when I brought it to their attention the issue was dealt with immediately and they don't deserve any indication of bad publicity, because it is out there on any site that involves singles unfortunately.(ok and married people to...but that is a whole other subject).

A little background..when it comes to online and chatting, if I come across a worthy victim person to mess with their heads..I jump ALL over it. Such is the conversation that I had with this changed to protect the moron guy.(I hope he doesn't read my I can let this go on..LOL)

A little more background.  He messaged me and said he was interesting in chatting.  His profile said he was in the same state as I I thought, what the heck.  Why not? I'm really not looking to date anyone..but if someone jumps out and bites me on the nose, cant hurt to check him out..right? A week goes by with offline messages, apparently he is only online during the day when I am usually at work or school. Well he caught me.  Now..all of our messages so far have been very light and casual.  Nothing personal at all.

(This things in parenthesis is stuff that I was thinking)

Moron (7/17/2008 11:15:19 AM): how was your night?
Dawn (7/17/2008 11:15:32 AM): Eh ok...was studying until midnight
Dawn (7/17/2008 11:15:35 AM): you?
Moron (7/17/2008 11:15:57 AM): had a splendid good sleep
Moron (7/17/2008 11:16:05 AM): ur plans 4 today? (Y O U R...this bugs me when it isnt done in text messaging. I understand doing it in text but kinda gets on my nerves.)
Dawn (7/17/2008 11:16:14 AM): School and work
Dawn (7/17/2008 11:16:26 AM): Do you work?
Moron (7/17/2008 11:17:03 AM): i do but a contract work ,i guess you know(he goes on to tell me he is a geologist contract work..first thought was SCORE.)

Deleted boring stuff...

Moron (7/17/2008 12:52:17 PM): babe, am so very busy sorry
Moron (7/17/2008 12:52:25 PM): but can talk to me now(OHHHH yeah?? Giving me permission????)
Dawn (7/17/2008 12:52:51 PM): Ok

Moron (7/17/2008 1:04:22 PM): hello, babe(I deleted some stuff..but there was only 9 minutes between the last PM and this one, and where the hell does he get off calling me babe?)
Moron (7/17/2008 1:04:31 PM): sorry just wanted to ask something
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:04:37 PM): ok
Moron (7/17/2008 1:04:59 PM): you got Equity?(WTH??  First..the only equity I know of is when an item of large amount is worth more than what you owe on it...umm hello?? I just told him in the deleted section that I work part time and go to he knows I'm a single mom...Oh yeah, I am rich alright *insert eye roll here*. But I know something isnt let's see where this goes).
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:05:36 PM): No(even if I did..the answer is still no)
Moron (7/17/2008 1:07:10 PM): sorry i asked, i have reason for asking
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:07:27 PM): um ok(so share with me Einstein)
Moron (7/17/2008 1:11:06 PM): hello,i don't bank cos of past problems had with banks(yep..this is definitely going where I think it is going, and "hello"??  Must be shift change)
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:11:25 PM): I see
Moron (7/17/2008 1:11:46 PM): what bank you save with?(umm again..poor single mom=NO SAVINGS)
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:11:58 PM): key
Moron (7/17/2008 1:13:09 PM): ok
Moron (7/17/2008 1:13:56 PM): hello(notice the whole 47 seconds between pm's...must have been anothing shift change).
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:14:08 PM): hello(at this point I am sitting here the heck can I screw with this scamsters head...)Moron (7/17/2008 1:14:39 PM): could do a slight favour?(ummm it is FAVOR in the states moron!)
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:14:49 PM): what(he is going to ask me for money...)
Moron (7/17/2008 1:15:39 PM): its going to be a little demanding but i'll compensate if will try for me(uhhuh...sure you will...he is going to ask me for money)
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:15:49 PM): whats that?
Moron (7/17/2008 1:16:53 PM): open a Wells Fargo Account Credit account, you will help receive some funds(there we gooooooo...Ummm have I told you also I have very bad credit?? And owe approx 20 thousand in college loans?? Yeah...didn't think so...but for him, I am going to make him believe that I have perfect credit)
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:17:08 PM): why?
Moron (7/17/2008 1:17:29 PM): cos of reason said ealier a(oh I should mention that his profile had no typos, mispellings or anything else like that).
Dawn (7/17/2008 1:17:57 PM): Why dont you?(I wanna hear it from the horses mouth...)

This is where I had to go to work...Our conversation would not be continued until this morning...

Moron (7/24/2008 9:27:22 AM): hey Dawn

(here we had useless chatter about how I just got out of the shower and was getting ready to go to school..etc...and of course, his sexual innuendos about me taking a shower alone...More eye rolling of course)

Moron(7/24/2008 9:37:57 AM): really missed talking to you
Dawn (7/24/2008 9:38:09 AM): Well you aren't on in the evenings(at this point, I had already checked the time in Nigeria...Yep...mornings are evenings there...he must be doing this as a side job)
Moron (7/24/2008 9:38:43 AM): its cos of the time difference, thought you know i made my way down here to west africa(hmmm nope..never told me...I think I won a lottery or two down there recently...gotta remember to send them some money so that they can send me my winnings.(Sarcasm by the way..I know it is a scam))
Moron(7/24/2008 9:39:05 AM): how have you been?
Dawn (7/24/2008 9:39:16 AM): Busy..(now I am just annoyed that this guy is scanning single mom's out of money.  I was talking to my mom at the same time..and she said I should call the police, I asked her...hmmm dont have the number for the internet police mom...(she just doesnt get it))
Moron (7/24/2008 9:39:48 AM): i guess thatz why have not been seeing you on(he must feel that Z is an underused he is going to use it so it doesnt feel lonely).
Dawn (7/24/2008 9:40:10 AM): Work and school(DUH!)
Moron (7/24/2008 9:40:37 AM): how has it been?
Dawn (7/24/2008 9:40:53 AM): Rough(are you seeing the pattern of my one word answers??LOL)
Moron (7/24/2008 9:41:04 AM): but you have been coping good i guess?(coping...I only ever hear that word when I am in therapy..or after someone's death)
Dawn (7/24/2008 9:41:27 AM): far

Moron (7/24/2008 9:43:43 AM): could you pls give me links of 5stars hotels in your city close to you(so you can promise to come visit me..then you will have a problem getting money to get the plane ticket here, and in my sadness because I am so awestruck by you..I will give you the money, just so I can go to the airport and you not show up??  Ummm yeah right...but I will play your game).
Dawn (7/24/2008 9:45:05 AM): I dont think there are any 5 stars(HELLOOOO Single mom...Let's do this math again: Poor Single Mom=No Money=No 5 star hotels)
Moron (7/24/2008 9:45:58 AM): i hope you did kno wat i mean by 5stars hotel?(ROFL...I kind of got offended by this statement).
Dawn (7/24/2008 9:46:07 AM): <--not stupid
Moron (7/24/2008 9:48:11 AM): sorry if that sounds offending to you(Gee ya think?)
Moron (7/24/2008 9:49:35 AM): but do you know of any with good services

I gave him the link to a hotel that is about 20 miles from here..I don't know if it is a 5 star or not, but it is a higher quality hotel...For some reason he signed off on me!! DANG IT I wasn't done playing with his mind...Hopefully I will have some more chances...MUHAHAHAHAHA

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