Saturday, July 19, 2008

High school revisited? Or is it just me...

Since I came reinvolved in blogs, both reading and writing, I have found myself transformed into the teenager back in the days of high school.

I have gotten jealous of the exposure some upcoming bloglets(think...starlets). I find myself reading some blogs who are up and coming and starting to rise in the area of popularity, and finding that I want to be just like them.  I want to be like the cheerleader (aka Morgan, with her charisma and likeability..I bet you were a cheerleader werent ya? LOL)...or the philosophical ones like MsSingleMama, or Rachel Sarah...or the popular girls like Pioneer Woman or Dawn Mehan.  I wanted to be in with the Dad's House or Random Esquire. I find that I want to join the organizations they belong I can be "in" by association.

I often forget who I am...Though these people are "perfect" in the world of blogging, I know I can not be perfect...and I forget that they are not perfect themselves, they just have talents that I have yet to develop yet.  

So hats off to all you bloggers out there who have become the "in crowd".  You have impressed me with your writing styles and popularity!

PS.  I am strictly stating that I am impressed with these blogs, and many others! I could go on and many of you impress Snow and her comic ways, littlemansmom in here ability to make it real. And to my doodlebug mom's who fit in between everything. Hats off to all of you.


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