Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years....what will you do?

I, will be staying home, and probably sleeping at the stroke of midnight. At least I hope so, because ANOTHER night I have not slept has come and gone.

Last night...about 6 times, Sunrise came to me and said Mewwy kissmess mommy.... I looked at her and said "Sunrise, Merry Christmas, but it is over, and it only comes but once a year".  She looked at me with empty blue eyes, and smiled.  All I could think is, "Does she think Santa is coming every night of the year?"  And then I thought "With her in my life, he does come every night of the year, because every day with her is a gift."

So what are you doing tonight???  If the roads aren't bad I'll go out and get some pork and kielbasa, and eat it at 8 oclock...and crash.



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