Saturday, September 29, 2007

Do you know what it is like to wake up to a disaster??? Well...that happened to me this morning.

It's Saturday...the day to sleep in...the day to relax. But Sunrise decided that she had other plans! Well she didnt, her body did. 7 AM I wake up to her whining and fussy, I walk to her crib and got knocked down with the strongest odor ever! Ever seen those cartoons where the green smoke of odor? Well..It was a reality this morning!

After changing a diaper...and about 40 wipes later, she was clean. I prayed she will go back to sleep...did she?? NOooooooooooooo....So I flipped on Blue's Clue...and got to listen to that while Sunrise sang along, and I fell asleep for 3 minutes at a time.

Now Im sitting here trying to get the strength to get up and get things done...and head out to ...hmmm...let's call him mechanics. I keep getting texts from his daughter begging for us to come earlier. SHe loves Sunrise and wants to play with her. LOL.

So I need to make this quick. I hope I'll be back tomorrow night.



Blogger oh amanda said...

Isn't that how it always is? Lydia slept almost 2 hours later yesterday...while her aunt was babysitting her! Figures.

9/30/2007 7:58 PM  

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