Thursday, January 03, 2008

Catching Up

Well the holidays kicked my ass! So I have been laying low. Plus I took my Nursing School Entrance Exam, so I was studying for that(more in a minute).

Christmas was eh..ok. Sunrise still doesnt get the whole opening present thing. She knows how to open them..but she didn't get that once they were open..there was something inside...So she gave up. I have about 8 presents not opened and I am just goin to give them to her for her birthday...(Save me some money..besides she has enough toys now!).

New Years...In bed by 9 asleep by 10...Nothing thrilling. One of the guys on talk radio said it all when he said that it used to be we would party for 3 days and recover for one...But now, we party for one day and recover for 3. Not to mention...I dont like to be out on "amateur night". I dream of going to one of those hotel party where dinner, dancing...and stumbling walking up to the room and pass out..or whatever.

On the 28th I took my NET test. I got an 84. At first I was feeling disappointed because I didnt get 100...but then when I looked down at the stats on the sheet...the National average for the test is a 67! More score was in the superior column...only missing the Excellent by 6 points. So it looks like the national average is a D...and I got a B. LOL Now Im waiting for an interview time to get in.

Oh yeah, I dont know if I blogged about the endoscopy I had, but I had one done. Upper endoscopy that is. They found I had a hiatal hernia, and raw throat...Well they did a biospy of my stomach and that came back clean. So I have an appointment on the 11th for a follow up. I need to put my foot down tell her something needs to be done with my gall bladder..I had to take darvacett for two days straight because of the pain. I hope she listens to me. They havent been able to find my gall bladder for at least 9 years..something needs to be done if the duct is blocked. Especially if they can do it before school starts.

Well time for Sunshine to get to bed....Happy New Years and Merry Christmas!


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