Saturday, May 03, 2008

I am an official woman....

I had a date with this machine on Friday for my first exam...

For the men..and those women I know have not had the fortune to meeting this piece of is a mammogram machine.

Yes, I had to go and place a piece of my body between those two plastic things and have it smooshed to beyond all recognition, like a vice. I now understand how one of my friends many years ago complained about getting it done. You see, she was very ummm small in the chest department. She said that it was like pinching a very small pimple and trying to make it pop.(sorry for the wonderful distasteful explaination).

I love getting this done. I thought it was quite funny how they try to treat you with dignity...yet still fondle your breasts. LOL I wasnt offended..I just found it comical that they were trying to be so dignified doing it. That is like one date I had...who after trying so hard not to stare at my breasts all evening, he tried to do the whole "Oops..didnt mean to touch you there" act.

Anyways...yes this was after I had a run in to the OB/GYN...which I will save you the details of that visit. But I do have to say..I LOVE LOVE LOVE my doctor. She is quick and all the while talking to you about meaningless things to distract you. I hope that when I get different insurance, that she will still be on it.

Anyways...I just had to share that I was fondled in extreme ways Friday....I had to endure the wonderfulness of it all...I figured you should too. :)

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