Thursday, May 01, 2008

What in the world do single men think?

I read a post by MsSingleMom about Craigslist and I decided to check out our local Craigslist..and here are some I found...I guess I should have checked out some of the women too...but come on..I look for men, not women.

"I'm attractive, fit and I have a masters degree. I'd like a safe, monogamous relationship with an attractive female who has her own place and money. I'm not expensive to keep around, I just like to cum several times/day. It works well so I prefer long sexual romps that wear me out for doing much else. " Hmmm...I wish men would understand that women that are worthwhile, do not sit here and think "Heyyyyyy I want a man who wants sex several times a day..that is my main goal in the online dating world", And the whole "who has her own place and money" well..that tells me..Cheapo, married or just for booty calls.

"Just make me do them, as your personal servant ;) it's simple. i'll be in NE Ohio from May until late August and i'd love to find a bossy woman in the area who wants to use me as a slave for free labor. Do you need someone to mow your lawn, do your dishes, and run your errands, but you don't want to spend money paying someone to do it? Just order me to then! What i'm looking for is a demanding woman who has no problem having a slave dynamic with a young male (and who in fact feels she deserves one), and who would rather control and order him to do the mundane things she doesn't want to do rather than waste her time on doing menial tasks and chores. Maybe even have me give you pedicures on a regular basis? Why do them yourself, just show me how you like them done and i'll give you one whenever you want, and you can even save some cash by making me buy the supplies ;) Imagine coming home from a long day at the office exhausted. You plop down on the couch, and call me and tell me to get my ass over immediately. A few minutes later i show up, you have me whip you up a snack, get you your slippers, and proceed to tell me to wash your car, scrub the bathroom, mop the kitchen, anything you don't feel like doing! The only time i'll interrupt your relaxing is when you yell for me to get you another glass of water, some more snacks, or to give you a foot rub for your sweaty exhausted feet. i have pictures and will answer any questions You have happily, and will do anything You want to prove i'm serious. " Ohhhh I even need to comment?

"I've been told I give the best full body massage and I love to show off what my tongue can do. Not seeking recip, just to be your friend and make it all about you. How many guys want to make it all about the woman...that's why I'm different and just what you are looking for. Email me and give me a chance to prove it. I am not looking to date or for a girlfriend or anything romantic, just a very special friendship." Ohhh he is on the top of my list

A man after my own money heart
"I'm pretty good at winning big money as I am very Lucky for some reason or another and I like to play slot machines especially high dollar slots for Big Wins and Also sometimes on the game of Craps I can get my $40 bankroll up to $10,000 or more. I use astrological maps to tell me when to play for better luck."

Get to the point..."Thought i would give this a try my girlfriend left me for another man back four months ago and just been hard trying to find someone else if interested let me know"

Why would a guy title his personal why would a guy title his personal "Don'tjudge a book by its cover!"?

Oh geesh..crazy stuff. What i think is hillarious is that fact that men really think that we (women)care about the fact that they enjoy performing oral, or how long they can last, guy even spoke of how well he can gratify himself. Ummmm why do they think we want to know this??

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