Thursday, May 22, 2008

A taste of nostalgia quiz

Ok, apparently I need to write 100 things about me, in honor of my 100 posts...I will work on that and get it up soon..but until then....

Ok...most of my doodle friends have done movie quotes...but Im going to try to do something different.

Here is the contest...(ok not a contest, because frankly I have nothing to give away except a beautiful 2 year old..but Im not ready to give her up yet)....

Below is a list of vintage tag lines...see if you can guess the product:

Plop plop fizz fizz...That is the easy one :)

Gross! Ghastly! Freaky Fun For Everyone!

"_______, ____, Turn on the magical shining light!" Or"_______, makin' things with light. Outtasite, makin' things with ________."

They Stick Like Magic!

As much fun to make as it is to eat!

I want to eat....your cereal

It's the real thing.

It has beer in it!

Oh No! What did you do? I ate him!

Fruit makes the best pickens!

You got the look I want to know better. You got the look that's all together. Workin', playin', day or night.....BTW..This was my favorite item in Jr. High

The flavor lasts so long long long

Kids eat it up.

Sorry Charlie

How many licks....

The amazing instant pets for the whole family

I am _____ the smartest robot in the world. This one is a hard one I think..but once I saw the commercial while doing research I was like "OHHHHHHHH I wanted one of those..." though..I think Im older then many of you.

_______ a game...It's a game you can play six different ways...



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