Saturday, May 17, 2008

Is Romance Gone?

I am a sucker for love songs...I have been since I was a very young age. I remember getting the latest Air Supply album and just sitting and listening to it for hours and hours. (Don't laugh at me!)Now before I go songs of the old 80's power ballads are the freaking best!!! In fact I just got done listening to "Every Rose has a thorn".

I sing and sing...and to this day still cry when I see a video or movie that shows a very romantic man. Longing for that romance...that is all I ever wanted was romance, but I know romance has died over the years, or has it. I am cynical..but I just have not seen romance. In fact, I don't think I have ever experienced true romance. I don't even think I have ever experienced someone trying to romance. The closest would be to the men that would try to "romance" me...but that was for what they wanted in the end..aka sex. In fact, the two times I was proposed to..really sucked! The first time...the conversation went something like "Well I love you..I enjoy spending time with you want to get married?"(this all in the middle of the mall McDonalds), then we trotted off to look at rings. I picked out the ring..he put it in layaway(because it was very cheap...). He got it out of layaway a few weeks later, and gave it to me in the car when we made the trip to a fast food place. Wonderful romance! The second time...was right in the middle of SEX!!! Ummm newsflash for men...don't ask a woman to marry you in the middle of sex! I always dreamt it would be something romantic. At a nice restaurant..on the top of a the lake...SOMETHING but not when this man is on top of you!

Don't they have a Romance for Dummies book?? Shouldnt that be on the men's guide for living their life? LOL Ok...before I get the smack down from any of you guys..I know women are just as guilty I'm sure...but not this woman.

I love least what I have seen of it in videos and movies!

So does it exist? Men(which I dont think many/if any of you still read my blog..did I piss ya off or something?) do you do romantical (yes I think I just made that word up) things for the women you date? And if you do....wanna take me out?? LOL Ok..what about you women? Have you ever or do you now date/live with/married to a romantic man? I am just curious if I have hope for when I do actively start looking for love.

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