Wednesday, May 14, 2008

100 Posts!!!

Oh my! I hit 100 posts finally! I was getting ready to post about school and it popped up! I feel so special. honor of my 100 posts! I have decided to start a contest!!! BUT it isn't going to be like any other contest you have seen!!! The contest will be...send me a comment of what kind of prize I get for 100 posts. Not only will you be lucky to have given me a prize!!! You will also receive this:

Now...I must also say that the person must paypal me money for shipping before I can send the half drank bottle of water. I'm a poor college student ya know?

Now...what kind of prize are you giving me??? LOL

Disclaimer: Prize awarded in this contest is not the original Aquafina water that was in the is simple tap water that is from the bathroom tap at work, and used for watering my plant. If you wish, send me an additional $5.00 and I will fill the bottle up to the top before sending it out.



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