Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Mothman and me...

Last night I was attacked and blindsided by the Mothman.

After a grueling 3 hour study session on basic chemistry...I went to lay down and relax go to sleep, I was drawn away from my DVR(have I mentioned lately how much I love my DVR?) by a tapping. When I looked up, there was mothman himself. Now, I am not talking a moth...I am talking mothman. He (I assume it was a he...but it could have been a she...)looked down at me and kept tapping on the ceiling trying to annoy meget my attention.

He looked down and me and said..."Hissssssssss you are not allowed to sleep...Hsssssssss...You will stay have no choice".

Ok so he didn't say that...but it sure sounded like that.

I sit there in my cross-eyed from studying state and think..I'll just ignore him and he will go away. Yeah right.

Finally after 10 minutes of staring at him...waiting for him to nose dive straight for my head(because that had to be what he was aiming for..right?)or to wake up Sunrise..It was time to put Mr. Mothman in his place.

I grabbed a random folder fly swatter and looked at him as he nose dived at me. How in the world am I going to get him..he is hanging out on the ceiling...bouncing off of it like he can fly through walls or something, but his magical powers escape him. So I jump on top of the bed...and start dancing around around trying to kill him help him escape. You would think I was a table dancer...reach out over here...reach out over bugger really wanted my head!). At one point I swatted at him...and missed. I know I missed because I saw him, then suddenly he vanished. Yes..he must have found that portal in the ceiling he had been looking for. Either that or he flew under my bed.

Of course my thought was he had to have flown under my bed...because how else would I not sleep all night? All night long I kept waiting to hear him tapping on my ceiling again.

Sooooo Mr. Mothman wherever you are. Please find another bedroom to harass visit, I dont want you here!


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