Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ok..Im standing up for Single fathers to be...

I was watching Dr. Phil from Wednesday...(Have I mentioned I LOVE my DVR?)..

I think this was a sad story for a father. Here was a guy who had a checkered past with drugs and alcohol. He claims to be sober, however, we do not know this for sure.

What was the real sad part was that he got involved with a younger girl. She ended up pregnant. (she was legal though) Without his consent or knowledge she put the baby up for adoption. The family that adopted the baby is a friend of her family, and it is an open adoption. So the mom and the mom's parents can see the baby as they want, the father can not.

While she was pregnant the father made many calls to the mother and tried to be involved. Tried to offer her money, even at one point offered to marry her. (though the marry thing would have been a bad thing if you ask me..). Anyways...there is this little known law in the state that they live that would have helped him..but he had no idea of it. In fact, the mother's lawyer didnt even know it existed until she found it to use it against the father. It is the Putative Father Registry. It turns out that this registry is in 24 other states.

This registry is used for the father to say while the mother is pregnant "Hey I believe Im the father" essentially. This way, before the mother can put the child up for adoption..or any other thing like that..He has a say to get paternity right first.

PLEASE men, if you are with a woman who says she is pregnant with your child(of course, not including in marriage, because that is a whole different law thing)...Sign up with the registry if it is in your state.

If this guy is fit to be a father then why strip him of that right? Just because he made poor decisions in the past, does not mean he is not fit to be a father. Now there is a ton of money being poured into this guys journey just to get the chance to be able to be evaluated to be fit or unfit, so he can see his child.

The parents of the mother of the child were so screwed up in the head. They came up with some crazy stuff. I feel bad for this guy.

What is this is coming from someone who has a child, where the father is/was/will not be involved in her life. But I know my decision was done in the best interest of my child....because of things going on in the present..not because of a past.

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