Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 Words

One of my all time favorite bloggers, Modern Single Momma , tagged me on a MeMe.  I gotta say first that the reason she is one of my favorites is because I admire her energy and her ability to look at the good in everything(at least from what I seen anyways).  She always has a positive outlook...not to mention she is now sooooooooo in love!  Yay!

Ok..the Meme is 6 words that define your life, and then tag others...

1. Honey(aka Mommy.  Sunrise calls me Honey, because I call her honey....LOL).

2. Student

3. Exhaustion

4 Hopefilled(is that supposed to be 2 words?LOL)

5. Survivor

6. introspect

I gotta admit, for me, this was harder than I expected.

Ok I am going to tag ....littlemansmom , Random Esquire,Snow, Amanda, and Tasha.



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