Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I apologize

For my last post. I realize I have some new readers, and others who may have been offended by my language, but non swearing could not showed how much emotions I have in regards to someone forcing a 2 year old to smoke pot.

Anyways...Yes, I have seen everyones comments! I know some of you are from themomblogs.com! I have not been able to head over there to check everyone's blogs out, but I will.

In fact, a little update about school. I have a final next Thursday, then I am off for a week...then the next 8 weeks should be a cake walk. So look forward to seeing more blogging and commenting from me for at least 10 weeks! After the 10 weeks...ughhh starts the REAL work. The HARD stuff. I will be quitting my job at the end of October so I can study more.

Also, one last note...I will be in Columbus Ohio the weekend of October 24. (at least that is the plan right now). If anyone would like to do dinner or drinks let me know! I have a conference to attend, so my daytime might be tied up. I will be there until at least Saturday evening, though if anyone wants to get together Saturday night...I might be able to make the weekend last until Sunday!


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