Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hmmm a date???

A few weeks ago I signed up on Facebook(hold on...Im getting "Green Puppy" licks from Sunrise...EWWWWWWWWWWWW)...And a few of my high school classmates have contacted me.  I have been formulating in my mind a rant post about this because the people who have contacted me, really didn't know I was alive.  I was kind of appalled that these people now want to be my "friend", when I wasn't cool enough for them in high school.  (I know I know..."Dawn, when are you going to let this the fuck go???)  I discussed this in therapy the other night, and my therapist and I have come to the conclusion I really DO need to let it go...with a few other thoughts that I am pondering. 

Then the other night I ran into on there...hmmmm call him T.  He was a guy I knew in school, I thought he wasn't bad back then, but since I was the social outcast in school, I am sure that he really didn't have any thought of me.  Well I found him Monday night, and sent me an email right away to say hi.  I responded, but I had a funny feeling, that seemed to happen tonight.  He asked me if I would go like to go to dinner or for drinks.  He was staying home tonight, and gave me his number to give him a call. 

Wouldn't that be strange, if I did go out with him, and we hit it off, and stuff like that.  Wouldn't that be one of those things you see on television. I can just see it...On Ellen or Oprah...."Reunion after 20 years and now it's love".  I know that is jumping the gun...but wouldn't that a trip?

Ehh well...I am still on the whole I don't know if I really wanna date mode, between school and Sunrise, I really don't have time, but...Who knows, maybe I will change my mind.

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