Friday, November 07, 2008

Thank God for Blue's Clues....

Today was my day off of school(Oh yeah..I quit my job, don't think I told you that), I had a TON of studying.  Ugh a whole other post.  So I sit here for 6 hours postponing studying.  Well ok..I didn't just sit here, I washed dishes, started laundry, cleaned this and that, played with Sunrise...ANYTHING to NOT do my studying.

Well finally about 3 o'clock rolled around and I decided it was time to start studying. Grandma was home, and some of her needs could be met by grandma...while I studied. I start studying and Sunrise will come in and say hi to to me...give me kisses. I'll take study breaks and go hang out with her for a little bit...etc. 

Tonight around 8...grandma said that she thinks that the child was ready for bed. Hmmm ok...So I take a break and get her all ready for bed...tuck her in..kiss her good night.  This is when I started cursing out the company who made toddler beds!

I think she came out six times to say hi and give me a kiss goodnight. Before I knew it..she had all her blankets out on the kitchen floor at my feet laying there with her hands behind her head looking at the ceiling.  You could tell she was exhausted. 

So finally after looking at her exhausted body on the floor at 11PM, I got her up...and took her to bed...and turned on Blue's Clues.

Yes she was asleep in minutes!  Now to return to my studying....

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