Thursday, November 06, 2008


Another post with a couple of rules...No flaming! No flaming of me or any of my readers. If you disagree...fine, but please do so in a respectful manner. I hope that no one takes this post the wrong way. If you are offended...then you probably have read it the wrong way and please say so, so I can clarify.

I believe racism still exists sadly.  It's not just a black/white issue it is a black, white, asian, middle eastern, etc..(Not just these..but I hope you get the idea...all nationalities..but for the sake of this post, let's assume I am talking about the black/white issue).

I also believe that it does not exist in GOOD people. People who are racists...suck. I don't care if they are great upstanding citizens who do good. If they are racists....they still suck. Having said this...I also believe that many African Americans are racists against whites, just like the vice versa.

Having said that...I am appalled by the fact that I think many people voted Obama in due to race. If you like his ideals...great! But if it was because he is a mixed race regardless of what he stands for, then you suck. Sorry...but that is racism! I now know for a fact that there are some that did vote him in due to his race. 

I thought our country (and other civilized countries) was finally above the whole race card. I am not saying that the whole country is above it...I am saying those that don't suck are.  But today, my dad received what he calls a "random text message" on his cell phone. That said "All white people report to the cotton fields". Yeah, it sucks what our forefathers did to the slaves, but don't blame the whole white population now. Neither my father or I were alive then...nor were my grandparents for that fact...beyond that, I don't really know much of my family don't blame us.

Remember the past and that is why we study history, so we do not repeat it...but if attitudes like this continue to grow...our history will sadly be repeated.

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