Friday, January 09, 2009

3 Miles....

When you live in a suburb in the mid west, you never think things can happen so horrible and tragic.  This morning on the news that I got to watch because I woke up before the alarm(yay me!), this news hit just too close to home.

About 3 miles from me in a little village in the center of our township, a man shot his wife.  Not only shot his wife, he did this in front of his 4 year old, then held police at bay for 8 hours.

Apparently the parents were in an argument(according to neighbors this was not unusual). When neighbors heard what sounded like gun shots, they called the police.  What happened then is that he murdered the mother of this child, all in front of their 4 year old.  He held the 4 year old as hostage, before police finally stormed the house. They shot the guy in the head.

Fortunately, it doesn't appear as the child is hurt, but they haven't been very clear on his condition. However, the father is still alive in the hospital, condition unknown.

Why is it the innocent always end up murdered or having to live with these things permanently imbedded in their memory.

Please remember this precious child that he is not scarred by this too much in his life.



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