Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mother Warriors

Recently I watched an Oprah show that was about Jenny McCarthy's book about her son who had autism. Jenny talked about Mother warriors. One thing that Jenny had mentioned that she not only talks about warrior mom with kids with autism, but single mom's, mom's with certain struggles, etc....

Jenny was VERY powerful, and I hope that one day I will be able to read her book. I really never knew much about her because to be honest, I never paid attention to her when she was acting and such.  But I sat just absolutely awwstruck while I watched her on Oprah.  She is a very strong woman and very real it seems. She is now my most favorite single mom in the world.(Though she does have an amazing man beside her, Jim Carrey).

Jim came out towards the end of the show and I saw a whole new side of him.  I have always loved Jim Carrey, and loved watching him in interviews.  He would be all over the place and loved when he would catch the interviewer off guard.  But this interview gave me a huge all new respect for him in many ways.

I have to respect him because he was willing to stick to it when Jenny's son was uncapable of showing him the attention that he loves.  He was willing to stay beside Jenny even though he is not the boys would have to be hard.  But the things he had to say about one lady that was on the show, about Jenny and about other mother warriors just made me realize how real he is.

He said that he knew right in the beginning even with Evan's autism that they were meant to be together.  Whenever he'd ask himself something the answer was always yes..and he knew that meant it was right. "Do I want to see her tomorrow?" yes, "Do I enjoy being with her?" yes....The love he has in his eyes for Jenny and Evan is so apparant that it brought tears to my eyes.  He also talked about how single mom's often limit the universe by saying things like "There are no good men left", "There is noone right for me", etc...The universe that created the starts and plants the world, and us...Can not be limited.  How freaking cool is that?

So..if I could say anything to Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, I would say..Thank you for sharing your strength and your love for each other...and giving us mother warriors hope for a good life.

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