Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ohhhh....Short SHORT catch up

Hey all...

First I want to say, I have the greatest of readers!  You all are so very much special. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts to my clinical post, it made me feel ok.  I spoke to the nursing director at school, and she said that many students come in to her after their first time in the nursing home in tears. I felt so much better between you all and her.

Second, I see I have a new reader :)  Welcome to my blog (or maybe you commented a long time ago?) Anyways, I will be checking out your blog and I am excited to read all about you!

Ms. Single Mamma...Yep it is when I close out the blog that I get that error.  I thought it was just you at first...but then it did it on mine to! LOL (Ok..not YOU but your blog and some coding that wasnt agreeing with my computer) I will check out chrome when I get a few minutes! (keyword being WHEN...LOL) One day we will have to take the kids out for a play date!  (They are so close in age!) Maybe during spring break! 

Third, I did go out with T...No nothing but it was good to see someone from highschool.  I also think he is emotionally not available, so Im shying away from him.   Ah well...I got a nice dinner from it. It was an early night with us, so I found an old friend from 4 years ago, she dragged me out to another bar to see a band...Oh man...what a night. LOL

And finally...School is in full swing again, and I'm filled up to here(imagine me extending my hand 5 feet above my head) with stuff to do. LOL

I read all blogs especially those that comment as often as I can, but just run out of time to comment.  I will try to do it more often, but it will slow down my reading time.  So if you get a comment from me on an old post....Forgive me :)

Ok I'm off to study for a test. I have 2 tests a week so I'm always studying for tests.

Thanks again for all your love!



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