Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Talk about catching you offguard...

I have a very good friend who happens to be male.  He is married, and I am friends with his wife as well, but more friends with him.  Harry and I (mostly Harry) do what I thought was innocent flirting.  His wife is 9 times out of 10 in the same room as him when we talk on the phone, and she jokes as well.

The other day Harry called me and we talked.  Since my days are filled with books, clinicals, Sunrise, and more books...I have "neglected" my friendship with him and he is ok with that.  Especially since he knows that I am trying to make a life for my daughter and I.  So as we caught up on the last few weeks...Somehow we came upon the subject of our flirting.  This was all in light reference as it usually is. Of course, Shirley was laying on the couch beside him, and somewhere in this conversation fell asleep.  

As we talked, he confessed to me that him and Shirley have an "open" marriage.  Well partially open, because Shirley has no interest in dating other men, but Harry certainly likes to date other women.  So then I became suspicous of our innocent flirting.  

He must have been able to hear it in my voice, because he said "Don't worry...Shirley says you are off limits".  I thought to myself, "OFFLIMITS???"  What the hell?? Why would I be off limits??  It wasn't that I was interested in being involved with Harry, but my feelings were hurt. I mean really....Why would my friend Shirley say I was off limits...Really? Am I that bad of a person???  When I asked Harry why I was "off limits" it all became quite clear.

"Well, Shirley considers us three as friends" Harry said.  "Well yeah, we are friends..." I stated still trying to figure out what the hell I did to be off limits.  With emphasis in his voice he says "No Dawn... that isn't all...".  Ohhh this has got to be good...since I am over here devistated that I am not an imaginary option to my friends open marriage....."Dawn, Shirley would be jealous".   "Ummm hello?? She'd be jealous of me but not the other women you date??"...Then it hit me like a bag of rocks to the face...."Not jealous that I was with you, but that you were with me." dear readers....My friend's wife, does not want me sleeping with her husband, because SHE wants to sleep with me....




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