Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ann Coulter..Kiss my....

Fungus infected big toe!

Rachel Sarah of Single mom Seeking blogged about this on her blog, and also wrote a "letter" to Miss Bitch Coulter on Momlogic

This really uncouth woman claims that all of society problems are due to single moms.

Ummm hello....Who just became the President of the United States?? The result of a single mom.

Instead of blaming single moms, shouldn't she blame society as a whole, possibly the government?  IF IF IF IF the studies show that the majority of criminals are children of single moms, than that is because of how society and the government have abandoned many single moms who really try to make it?

I can't speak for all single moms, but I do attend nursing school with several single moms. All of us have decided to return to school and try very hard to make better lives for our children, so we don't have to end up in the bad part of town where the children run wild because their single mothers have to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet.

I do not in anyway like the fact that I receive public assistance, but as soon as I graduate in December from nursing school...I am guaranteed to NEVER need public assistance again, unless for some odd reason the nursing profession is disintegrated, and I can can 99.99999999999% guarantee that this will not happen.

This "woman" (and I use that term loosely because to me she looks like a transgender male gone wrong) is the same woman who attacked the windows of 9/11.  Granted she does get people talking, and I am sure that her controversial topics probably gets her books sold, but I am standing firm, that I will NOT ever purchase anything from her.  I will not give her the satisfaction of my money.  She needs to be kicked to the curb.

Ok...I am going back to my boring self now...but it got my blood boiling.

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