Monday, October 01, 2007

After The Weekend

So we went to mechanics for Saturday night. Things were nice to a point.

I swear...there should be a class for bachelors on how to keep a clean house. Now, mechanic tries...he tries hard...but face it a single man with a 16 year old son's version of a clean place is the total opposite of a mom's idea of a clean house. Bless his heart..he did try. Things were picked up...but oh my goodness!

The floor was not swept..I guess he told his kids to do it, of course they said he said he would do it. I felt like I was walking on sand! Then it all came to a head when I went to take a shower on Sunday morning(after another explosive diaper incident! UGH!). There was so much soap scum on the tub! I took a can of comet and scrubbed for about 10 minutes, and only got the bottom of the tub clean. I told him I was bringing the steam cleaner next weekend and it was getting a good cleaning. Of course he was embarrased..but he is a man..I cant expect too much. It was clean in his eyes...Soap scum is soap..Right? LOL

Overall it was a good weekend. We had some good conversations and a wonderful dinner. We went to Red Lobster and had probably the most expensive meals there! Yummy!(though Red Lobster needs to get steak off their menu..they dont know how to cook it).

I need to wrap this up...I came home from work sick today and I am still feeling pretty gross.

I just wish I had the wit about me that I used to..but I think with everything going on my body is just needing a rest.

Though I have to send props to myself...I have done 3 posts in the last 4 days. That is pretty good for me.

More tomorrow!!

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