Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life has been Caraaazzyyy

Things have been thrown around tossed up in the air..and dropped in the middle of the floor lately.

First Sunrise went into the hospital with RSV. Thankfully she is now ok. She was on oxygen and ivs for 3 days. Her o sats were very low and she refused to eat and drink. At first they thought it was double pneumonia..but the tests finally game back positive for RSV.

I started dating ummm let's call him Mark. He looks like the doctor Mark Green from the show ER. This has been hard. We went out a few days after Sunrise got out of the hospital. I needed the break and he wanted to take me out. I had a GREAT time! Then on Wednesday night we took Sunrise to an indoor gym type place. He seemed different. Just not as outgoing..he said that he was just exhausted. He had just got out of I took that..and accepted it. How could I not? But things just seem "different" from when we were talking on the phone for hours...and when we went out the first night. This weekend he has his kids...and I dont expect any call from him..but it would be nice just to hear a hello..just to know that he is still interested.

I have the option of dating other people, but I have no interest as long as Mark is in the picture. We will see after this weekend.

Finally..I got my income tax check!!! Woohoo...paid of 4 bought a laptop. Im just going freaking crazy excited. LOL I have a computer but there is nowhere to hook it needs a lot of work..and well, I just dont wanna LOL. Plus having the mobility of a laptop where I can take it anywhere I want and type..Im happy. And one day I wanna be one of those cool people who take their laptop to Starbucks or Panera Bread and hang out..drink coffee..and look important do important things.

I had my interview with the School for Nursing. I am almost sure it went real well..but the lady had to be vague about my chances. She did mention that my score was WONDERFUL...and that it was good I had a support system in place for Sunrise.. I THINK it went ok..but there is still that small doubt in my mind. I will know around the first week in March.

Well Sunrise is wanting held..I gotta run.


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