Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's My Life. Im taking a stand!

The title came from one of the episodes of One Tree Hill tonight. Yes I am a One tree hill addict. In fact..I named Sunrise after one of the characters on the show(more on that later).

Usually I watch the show in a mindless manner...you know..wow he is cute..or wow I cant believe she said that...or why did they do that?? But tonight it seemed much deeper than I usually take it.

First, the title came from a little 4 year old who was afraid to run a soap box derby car...when he was asked if he was sure...he said "It's my life and Im taking a stand!" Wow..out of the mouths of babes(he was taught this earlier in the show). It was just so sweet and cute. But those words have such an impact. If you want something..or dont and everyone around you wants you to have it or dont..It's your life, you need to take a stand.

There was another line in the movie that really made me think. "What's worse...never getting what you wish for...or getting what you wish for but realizing it was not enough" hmmmm...that is real philosophical. I think..Id rather not get what I wish for. If I got what I wished for and it wasnt enough...Id always be yearning for that extra step. But then again...how does one succeed without yearning for that extra step? Now I dont know which is better...What do you think?

Sunday was Sunrises Birthday. The poor girl..well without dwelling on it, really did not enjoy herself. I dont want to go into all the sordid details because I whined about it on the messageboards that I read...but all was made up at her daycare where I asked them to kind of make it more special because of the bad time the day before. Here is my little princess from the daycare party.


And here she is looking like quite the suspicious one...LOL


I have something special to post for her birthday..but I need to do some revisions. Hard to believe that it has been 2 years. I see babies on Discovery Health all the time and it makes me wish for another...but Im keeping my legs crossed...I cant do a second child as a single mom and going to school again.

Im waiting on the school to call and give me an appointment for an interview so I can see when I will be starting school. I have no doubt that they will let me in, if not in March..then in June(I think it is). All I have to do is work through financial aid...and I will be set.

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