Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been doing alot fo daydreaming...

I know I am weird...I never claimed to be normal. But lately, I have been researching apartments, school districts, cost of nanny/babysitter care, and cars. I know for think "What is so weird about that?"...well the weird thing is..I havent even started school yet, and the earliest any of this will come into play is 2/2010(holy cow...2010..). Which is when my expected date to graduate nursing school(which I havent even started yet).

I think I have the area nailed down that I want to live in. Affordable..but yet good school district…affordable homes(if I decided to go that route that is), and ease of getting where I need to go if I work at the hospitals I plan on.

Now to figure out how much it is to pay a babysitter/nanny. (What is the real difference between these two anyways). I know what the average for daycare for during the day..etc….But what about overnight. I decided that I probably would work nights(typically 7AM to 7PM)because this would leave me to cheaper daycare, less time awake time away from Sunrise…and Im a natural born night owl anyways. I just hope things work out for me the way Im hoping.

I also talked to my mom about buying a new car…she thinks buying new is stupid, but Id rather have a car that is new that is guaranteed for 100,000 miles, then a car that I just don’t know what I am getting into. Know what I mean?

I cant wait to start working and move out of my parents..then I will be able to not have to sleep with Sunrise in the same room! How exciting! Those of you that don’t have to share a room with a kid…let me tell you…it is a pain in the butt to have all you own(except for toys), in one room. I have that and a storage unit..and well I cant live there, so it is a constant moving stuff from place to place.

It is a wonderful dream…and hopefully, it will come sooner then that!


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