Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maybe it's a tumor....

Monday I woke up with a bad headache. I took 600 mg of Motrin and went to work. I was in meetings all morning and when I got out I took 2 tylenol. None of this all got worse. After calling the local rapid medical place and finding out that they did not carry the Imitrex shot..I decided to go to the ER. Let me tell you...Freaking craziness!

I walked into the ER almost EXACTLY at 2 PM. After I checked in, I called down to the kitchen(my mom works at the hospital), and asked mom to pick up Sunrise...No problem. The guy behind the glass(Im betting it has to be bullet proof..because on a day like this..they need bullet proof) and he informed me it is going to be long wait unfortunatly. After about 45 minutes..I get called back to triage for my vitals...No problem. My bp was O2 was low...but it wasnt so bad that I was rushed to the back.

I head back out to the waiting area...Now I have been there an hour. No problem. I know the times when I went to ER for breathing issues, I never had to it was my time. I get called from the waiting room 15 minutes later...progress?? No...freaking registration! While Im sitting there, I can hear everything going on behind that aformentioned bullet proof glass. One of the receptionist says to the on coming receptionist..."If Yada Yada(some name) comes in with a gun shot wound to the left leg, treat him normally and notify security. Security needs to contact the police department". GREAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT....Now Im going to be sitting in a waiting room, waiting for some idiot to come in with a gun probably..who had a shoot out with the police and is going to blow the whole waiting room up. So everytime someone comes in with a limp...I want to run and hide in the bathroom. I have an overactive imagination..but that is what I was thinking.

Anyways... 2 gentlemen and one of their girlfriends comes in....2-1/2 hours after my arrival...and sits down in the little cubby hole part of the waiting room that I am in(In direct sight of the I can see when the gun weilding psycho comes limping in). Followed by another girl who comes in. The girl comes in and she says she is there to have her tatoo looked at because she thinks it is infected. She then calls someone on her cell phone and tells them she is having problems breathing..and she will probably get percs or vics...The guys who arrive before her proceed to talk to her. She is wearing this tank top with a little itty bitty jacket over it..with sweat pants. Ratty hair...and pitted face. She proceeds to tell the guys that she is a stripper. And that one of her customers has offered to buy her a house and a brand new SUV but her boyfriend threw a fit and would not allow her to get it. Now..she next proceeds to tell the guys(and me now..who is listening in to this fantasy land she is living in) that she is seperated from her husband of 10 years. He is a "douchebag"(pardon my language but that is what she called him) and he makes 200,000 a year. blah blah blah.

Would you know that she got called back after 1-1/2 hours?????? I think because she is a frequent flyer(as they are called on the ER show..and is drug seeking)Anyways...she is complaining on the phone about coughing and stuff...but she went outside smoking several times. Everytime she left the 2 guys would look at each other and just bust out laughing. The one guy proceeds to say he wanted to know what joint she stripped at, because he would just pay her to get off the stage. Or he would bring monopoly money. One of the times..his girlfriend went outside with her and smoked..she proceeded to tell her that she was getting an SUV(his girlfriend was not present during this conversation originally)from one of her customers. Her roomate is her girlfriend and her husband makes 150,000.

This girl was skanky to say the least..but she was WONDERFUL comic relief. LOL

Soooo back to my wait. I was in tears part of the time I was there..every 20-30 minutes Id get a 3 or 4 minute relief from the throbbing for some reason. 5 hours and 42 minutes into my wait(yes you read that right)...the patient rep came out and had a conversation with me.

Her: You are next on the list if nothing comes in that is an emergency. Like chest pains..a squad..etc.
Me: I realize that Im not considered a life or death emergency but COME ON!!!! Ive been here
Her: 5 hours and 42 minutes
Me: I wasnt going to complain because whenever I have had problems breathing you all usually take me back right away but this is ridiculous. I realize there were some squad issues and I was willing to wait...but 6 HOURS???
Her: 5 hours and 42 minutes. And we have had some come in complaining of breathing and chest pains, which Im sure you can understand how important that is.
My thoughts: (Ummm look witch, do not patronize me!)
Me: What if Im having an aneurysim?
Guy next to me: Or a tumor?
Her: Well that is what Triage is for, the nurse determined that you are not at any risk.
Her: 5 hours and 45 minutes.
Me: 5 hours. I hope you get me back there soon before I have an aneurysm just by this wait alone!
Her: I am sorry for your wait

What I havent said so that at 4 hours, I was seriously considering either...faking a seizure, faking passing out, or going home and calling 911. But Im too honest for that...after all.... I only had to wait 6 hours!

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