Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh yeah...It's not a tumor

I forgot to mention what happened when I got back to the room.

I got back there..and after an initial exam by the doctor, he immediatly ordered dilaudid and phenergen(phen for the vomitting). Once the drugs kicked in..they did a lumbar puncture, checking for blood in my spinal fluid, in case of a brain bleed.

Now..if you ever had these is quite the drug trip experience. I drifted in and out of awake state for about 3 hours...When I was awake..the room was spinning, but not in that hangover vomit way...but in that...WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this is going to be fun way! LOL.

Once they wore off..I tried sitting up and the headache came back immediatly to a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. The doctor came back in and said that the tests came back...of the 12 vials they took of spinal fluid...they had blood in them..but the amount decreased the further down it went so it looked like that there was no bleeding in my brain and that the blood was caused by injury to the spinal cord when he did the draw but no worries. SOooooo he loaded me up with another dilaudid and sent me on my way. I asked for no more phenergen because that is what makes me soooo tired. I had it alot when I was in the hospital for the month before I had Sunrise.

Anyways..I got home around 1AM and got sick 6 times(probably coming off of the dilaudid)...finally went to sleep and woke up with no headache. However, for several days..I had a bad backache from the LP. I even have some light pain still..but it is getting better.

Thanks for the concern. But things are back to normal. :)



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