Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pimping Cars, traffic and general roadrage

I'm driving home last night from purchasing my camera, and I experienced the worse case of roadrage that I have ever had. I have seen ex used to run people off the road if he felt they cut him off, just so he can scream in their face. But for the most part, I dont have what I consider roadrage. I might say loudly..."MORON" or other choice words...but by the time I get 2 miles down the road it is long forgotten...well until yesterday.

Im sitting on a main road at a light waiting for traffic so I can make a left. A lady pulls up beside me a little in front and stops. What the heck..she has a green light..she should be going. There is no one on our side of the road...what..wha...WHAT THE HECK..SHE IS CUTTING IN FRONT OF ME! Sooo I lay on the horn..what the does the bitch lady do? She lays on her horn it is some kind of my fault! She could have easily backed up if she missed her turn and gotten behind me..but no she had to pull out in front of me in the middle of the intersection so she could turn left. Now I tried to stay calm because Sunrise is in the car..but I wanted so bad to ram her car politely ask her what she thought she was doing. But I kept my calm and the first chance I got I passed her and gave her the one finger salute waved. UGhhh for some reason that burned me..but anyways..I need to get over it.

Now..I have one question..I will probably get slammed for this..but why the hell would you pimp out a Ford Focus???? I mean spoiler, loud stereo, flames on the side, tinted windows, the max...COME ON! That is as bad as an exboyfriend years ago pimped out his Ford Neon(when they were still not very cool looking , then again..are they now?). The boy put tinting on his window that reflected all kinds of pretty colors. Had thousands of dollars into his stereo that I couldnt stand listening to. And to make matters worse..he spent all his money on the radio, so that he didnt have money for the kit used to lower his what does he do?? He cuts the springs! WTH. I road with him 1 it ONE time..and refused to ride in that car with him again. By the time I got boobs felt like they had weights in them from bouncing...and I was sporting 2 black eyes from the bouncing up and hitting me in the face. And I had a sports bra on!

Next thing you know..they will be pimping out the Fiestas.....(Do they even make them anymore?_)


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