Friday, March 14, 2008

Prayers...positive thoughts Please

I found out about a program that the government offers in Ohio(and a few other states). It will pay for part of my schooling, 6 dollars a day in gas, help with daycare costs(which I already have covered), and the most important thing..up to 1,000 in car repairs. I guess there are other things, but that is just what I have been told by word of mouth.

The car repair thing is a HUGE thing for me. I am so concerned my car isnt going to make it for 20 months. But if I get approved for this program, I can at least know that I will not be stranded without a car. Not to mention the help with paying part of the school bill, because then I will be able to live off of mostly financial aid, and wont have to work, which is important for me because I will be gone so often that every little bit of time I can spend with Sunrise is going to be very important. Not to mention, once I get into clinicals and school, ughhh how will I fit in work.

So keep me in your thoughts that I will get approved. Financially I am qualified, however me and a few other people are concerned I might have a problem because I already have a degree. If that is an issue, I am going to have to figure out a way to convince them, and prove to them that there is just no jobs in this area for Computers(other than experienced). If my car breaks down while going to school...there is no way I can get to school.(the closest bus stop is about a mile away..not to mention, it doesnt go to Sunrises daycare area at all, and that would be a pain to change daycare). Thanks :)


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